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I am MA in psychology, integrative psychotherapist and crystal alchemist. My Soul Purpose is to teach and elevate collective consciousness. My Soul origin is Andromedian, but I am also trained in other alchemy styles such as Pleido-Lemurian, Avian, Orion through many lifetimes.

In this lifetime I was formally trained in psychology, pedagogy and psychotherapy (REBT, hypnotherapy, gestalt, body oriented modalities. I studied orthodox Christianity mysticism, Sufism, Taoism Inner Alchemy, western philosophy and Alchemy, mudras etc.

I was also student and prodigy of many Ascended Masters (Ascended Master Patriarch Paul, Metatron, Nikola Tesla, Guru Rimpoche, Quan Yin etc)

I am also certified in many other modalities such as dowsing, Reiki, Pranic healing. I am also child psychologist working in area of counseling, teaching and working with disabled and gifted children. In teaching languages I have more than four years of experience. So far I was teaching Serbian for foreigners, English and German. Currently I am learning Spanish J I also enjoy traveling, learning about other cultures, collecting and exchanging crystals, gardening and reading.

If you want to:

Let go of everything that doesn’t serve your highest good

Live fully your life purpose

Advance in every area of your life

Improve your health and healing abilities


Contact me to work with me! I offer video programs and live programs.

Live programs available are:

-1 week program (3 sessions one hour long, 1 month consultative support and 2 distant healing session)-$200

-1 month program (5 sessions one hour long, 2 months consultative support, 3 distant healing sessions)-$400

-2 and 3 month programs (8-10 sessions, lifetime support and working together on Planet and collective consciousness)-$ 600 for 2 months and $900 for 3 months program

Andromedian Alchemy

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